Monday, October 29, 2012

Toilet Paper Rolls

Sorry we have been MIA for the past week.  We have been moving so there has been very little Pin-tiviting. I thought I would stop by and share an activity we tried a few weeks ago.  I like to call this Toilet Paper Roll fun.....catchy right ;).  This activity always makes me think of this....

Before we moved the house was in shambles, and I was having to find creative ways to entertain the kids.  I came across this pin.

Since my husbands bathroom was filled with empty toilet paper rolls...because he never throws them away...I decided to give one of the activities from that pin a try.

Materials Needed:

1. Toilet Paper Rolls
2. Painters Tape
3.  An object that fits through the rolls.  I once again used our counting bears....told ya they get a lot of use.

I taped 5 or six rolls to the wall at various heights.  I then showed the kids how they could drop the bears through the rolls, and I also showed them how they could catch the bears in cups as they came out the bottom.  Instant entertainment!! Can you believe this entertained 3 kids 3 and under for over 30 minutes! Crazy.

So with that being said I would say it was a LOVE.

I guess I will have to stop nagging my husband about him not throwing away his toilet paper rolls.  Pinterest is bound to make me a hoarder......

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  1. LOL! I DO have a few toilet paper and paper towel rolls around here! And a LOT of egg cartons - know any use for those?! My husband does not understand why I'm keeping our garbage :) I need to look back and see where you got your bears.