Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sorting Bears

My little "tink" is completely and totally obsessed with sorting, so I knew when I came across this Pinterest activity that it would be a hit.  I of course modified the materials with things I already had laying around the house instead of buying new.  That is the point of Pinterest activities correct....FREE entertainment.

Here is the link to the original pin.  It is of course one of those links that lead to no where.....(but thank heavens the picture was self explanatory).

So the materials I used....

1. Counting bears and cups.  (I get a lot of use out of these tiny bears).  They can be purchased on Amazon here.

2. Cups from counting bears set and a random larger bowl.

3.  An IKEA spoon...that looks like...well..."a dong".....(I can't believe I let my children eat off of this) :).

I just poured all the bears in the big bowl, placed a spoon in it, and placed the other cups around the bowl. Tink then went to town.  She scooped, poured, tried to feed our dog Bella, and stayed entertained for about 15 minutes.  That is amazing with her.  She does not sit still.

 After her 15 minutes of fun she took the activity to a whole new level.....this is when the ikea "dong" shaped spoon became even more awkward.

So, all in all I would say that we Loved this activity.

It could be taken to a whole new level with my 3 year old in terms of learning, but its sole purpose today was to entertain my 20 month old, and that it did.

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