Friday, January 25, 2013

Early Literacy

So, it has been FOREVER!! Happy New Year all.  I don't know about you, but I have been in a mommy funk since the new year.  The organizing of Christmas toys, early year to do list, and sickness has kept me from planning and executing fun activities for the kiddos to enjoy.  However, today during nap I planned for the week.  I literally copy and pasted pinterest activities that I wanted to try in Microsoft Word, and printed them.  Maybe this will make me remember...?? We shall see.

The activity I am going to talk about today was specifically geared toward my 3 year old.  Any younger and it would have been a fail. To keep little bit busy I gave her a glue stick and some magazine cut outs to place on paper.  It worked.

Here is the original pin

Materials Needed:
1. Scissors
2. Glue
3. Paint
4. Plate
5. Q tip
6. Crayons

Step 1
To begin I let my son attempt to cut out the words. He was not quite advanced enough for this so I gave him a blank piece of paper to cut while I cut out the words.

Step 2
Once I had the words cut out I would place three words out in front of him.  I would point to the word that we were working on and ask him to find that word.  He found the correct one every single time!! So proud.  I then gave him the glue to place a dot and glue the word on.  He loved this part.

Step 3
For the next step I knew that writing the entire word would be too difficult for him.  The space was just too tiny.  Instead I wrote the first letter of each word in the square, and then copied this pins idea for Caleb.

He actually did okay with this.  I think the space was a little too tiny for a three year old to really work, but he seemed to enjoy it.  He especially liked the W for White.  He said "Down, Up, Down, Up".

Step 4
This is where we lost him.  He had zero interest in coloring the boxes with crayons after we had just used paint and glue.

All in all this was a great activity.  He was able to practice a ton of different skills, and I think it is definitely an activity that we will repeat.


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